Big data leaders have data driven DNA

McKinsey published this great study on how big data impacts the perofmrnace of marketing along the customer journey. There's one slide I found particularly impactful, which shows the difference in revenue and EBITDA between "big data leaders" vs the rest of the pack. In the retail category they are reporting a 300% difference. That's huge. If we take the big data buzzword out of the equation and just say that "data driven companies outperform their competition", we get to the cruxt of what most marketers are struggling with today. This is something that we at Agiliti see every day. Data-driven thinking needs to become part of the DNA of your marketing department. Data utilization is an area that most marketers score poorly in. So "big data leaders" are the minority in most categories. Data utilization is as much a cultural shift as it is a capability. Therefore, it is imperative to not only prioritize the capabilities to create data-driven planning and decision making, but also the cultural shift to embed data-driven thinking in the marketing organzation's DNA. Don't forget that there are change management ramifications to foster any cultural shift. Organizations don't change overnight, and won't change without the proper planning. 

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